About Me

I am a Master’s student in the Putnam Lab. studying the early development of the Pacific rice coral, Montipora capitata on a transcriptomic level, focusing on maternal provisioning, the maternal-to-zygotic transition, and effects of ocean acidification. I am skilled in science communication, DNA/RNA extractions, scientific diving, microscopy, bioinformatics, and coral culturing. In my free time, I enjoy partner-dancing, exploring the great outdoors, and watching sit-coms (especially The Office).

I will be graduating with an M.S. in Evolutionary and Marine Biology in May 2021, and am planning on entering into a Ph.D. program in the Fall of 2021. My research interests are primarily focused on using multi-omics and systems biology to investigate how reef-building corals and other marine invertebrates respond to multiple simultaneous stressors, with implications towards conservation and ecology.

Contact me:

Email: erin_chille@uri.edu.

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