In 2017, I joined the Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA) as a board member. As a board member, I contribute to strategic planning, watershed stewardship, and the planning and execution of fundraising and outreach events. I also participate as a water quality monitor for the River Watch program, and coordinator of the NRPA Bi-annual River Clean Up and River Watch Data Accessibility projects.

Art-on-the-River cleanup riverwater

Visual Storytelling

In Spring of 2019 I became a certified diver in underwater photography, specializing in videography. Sharing the alien underwater world through video has become one of my passions. See some of my projects below:

Featured on the URI Diving Safety and Research website:

Featured on the Narrow River Preservation Association website:


Volunteering at Mystic Aquarium and Biomes Marine Biology Center:

In these hubs of aquatic information, I was able to introduce visitors to local and exotic marine life through feeding demonstrations, touch tanks, short speeches, and one-on-one dialogue. I felt that by sharing with others my knowledge of, and wonder for the marine world that they might become more conscious of their environmental footprint.

“Something Fishy at the Market”:

For my Girl Scout Gold Award project, “Something Fishy at the Market,” I worked closely with the director of Biomes Marine Biology Center, to develop a curriculum as a guide for educators to address sustainable seafood in the classroom. In addition to this curriculum, I also created a blog that covered topics such as bioaccumulation, mercury poisoning, and apps to help people identify sustainable seafood, and developed media for Biomes Marine Biology Center centered around fishery sustainability.